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Who we are?!

The Disabilities Trust is a leading national charity providing specialist community-based and residential support for adults with acquired brain injury, complex physical or learning disabilities and for people with autism, including education.

People are at the heart of everything we do and our services across the country include purpose-built residential accommodation, community-based housing, respite care, special education and community enabling services to maximize each individual’s independence.

Working in partnership with those we support, their families and friends, local authorities, health authorities, housing associations and other organizations, we have an established track record of delivering leading-edge services that meet the needs of people with complex and challenging disabilities. We are continually looking to refine our existing services and develop new ones in response to identified individual needs.


Non Profit Charitable Trust

Persons With Disabilities


Consecration of the Fuller Charity for the Disabled

The name of this charity is PULAR Trust


These are the objectives of the charity

1) Protecting people with disabilities and making them live with confidence.

2) Economic support for the disabled. (Medical, educational, bed rest, any other notable needs.)

3) To set up an archive to protect the helpless orphans who have lost their parents and the disabled children who are unable to support the disabled children from the parents (due to old age).

The shelter is a spacious archive for the disabled, with a swimming pool, gymnasium, traditional herbs and natural garden setting and access to cooking supplies from there.

Trying to raise useful livestock and reaping their benefits. All of this is natural. (Permanent ban on chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers)

4) Encouraging and encouraging talented transgender people in the archive to learn and grow in their respective fields.

5) Creating ways to access medical services easily. (Organizing a team of specialists to help us)

6) Requesting the creation of specialized units for the disabled in large hospitals;

7) Only economically backward persons with disabilities are eligible for the assistance of this organization. They should also be selected through direct verification with the help of the hearts.

8). It is our insistence on providing political representation and government assistance on par with developed countries.


The charity is governed by an administration, and executives are elected by a simple majority vote at the charity’s annual general meeting.

Carrying out activities

The following powers are vested in the administration in order to run this charity.

  1. Raising funds for these charities, receiving grants and donations.

Cow. Spending funds for these charitable activities.

  1. Working with and supporting other charities running for the same purpose.
  2. To take any legal action necessary to fulfil the purpose of this charity.

We offer a range of individually tailored support services, aimed at helping people live their lives as independently as possible. Service users are encouraged to develop their social, vocational and recreational skills and ensure that they are fully involved in all decisions affecting their lives, allowing them to achieve their aspirations.

Autism is a complex disability and no two people have the same needs. Our detailed assessment procedure is designed by experts to determine the level of support needed by each individual. We are committed to finding new ways of understanding the views of those who have communication difficulties and tailor our communication methods to best meet the needs of that person.


We believe that education plays a vital role in improving the long-term opportunities of people with autism, who benefit from extra help in both school and further education. By offering education services for children as well as adults, we are able to ensure maximum continuity of care, support and transition as a person grows up.

This is particularly vital for people with autism, who can often experience change as unsettling and threatening. Our educational and residential services help ease the transition into adulthood by providing education, life and vocational skills that complement service users’ abilities while enabling them to live independently. All autism services have access to a central educational e-learning and staff training hub, together with specialist individual support with sourcing expertise.

As our first learning center for children and young people with autism Heather

mount offers learning opportunities to over 40 children and young adults with autism aged from 5 to 19 years. Building on this success, we are looking to increase its range of educational services – working closely with statutory authorities to meet growing demand.


We recognize that the transition from childhood to adulthood is particularly difficult for those with autism who face changes in their living arrangements. It has been proven that inappropriate transition from adolescence to adulthood results in poorer long term outcomes in relation to wellbeing, accessing employment and meaningful life experiences.

We are proactively addressing this issue by working with existing and potential service users, their families and local authorities to develop packages around individual needs in the most suitable environment; whether that be in the family home or specialist residential settings.

We ensure that planning takes place long enough before transition, to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Our educational and residential services will ease transition into adulthood by providing education that matches ability; we also help people to develop life and vocation skills that will enable them to live independently through appropriate opportunities and learning.

Our person-centered approach places service users at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that people with autistic spectrum disorders often behave in ways which challenge traditional service provision.

This is often a way of someone communicating frustration, anxiety, pain or needs. Our highly experienced therapeutic team is trained to manage challenging behavior by using interventions and enabling service users to communicate their needs and feelings in a non-threatening environment.

Our focus is to highlight and further support ‘ability’. We promote the individual’s right to privacy, respect, choice and inclusion and encourage people to express their views and concerns through regular liaison with their families, careers and our multi disciplinary team. We always seek to find new ways of understanding the views of those who have communication difficulties and will tailor individualized communication methods to best meet the communication needs of that person.

Your gift can make a real difference.

Your donation to The Disabilities Trust will help the people we support to live their lives as fully and with as much independence as possible.

You can donate safely and securely online on our Just Giving page or through PayPal. If you’d like to donate towards a specific area of our work or to a particular service, simply let us know.

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