Pulartrust 2023 General Assembly Meeting

2023 General Assembly Meeting

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Last Sunday 15/01/2023 at 3.15 pm the Annual General Council meeting of our Pular Foundation was held at Suzhipuram East Senior Citizens Association Hall with the participation of 18 General Council members.

During this, the minutes were read by the secretary Mr. Rattinasingham Paraneetharan and approved by the council. Then the budget was read by the Treasurer Mr. Sivaranjan Devakumaran and approved by the House.

After this, President Mr. Kumaraswamy Balamurugan gave an address and said that it is good to provide assistance to those with special needs who can go to school.

After that, the Executive Member Lecturer Mr. Arunachalam Sendan during his speech asked to formulate and implement an action plan for physical and mental exercises for people with special needs.

Following this, Gramsevakar Rajkanna (Suzhipuram East) gave his Pongal greetings.

Change in Executive Council

We reduced the 13-member board to a 9-member board. Mr.T.Mohanaruban (Public Health Inspector), Mr.C.Siriramanan (Development Officer), Mr.K.Balachander (Development Officer), Mr.J.Ranjith, Mr.N.Nandeeswaran (Teacher) due to working in distant places and various workloads. Not in the Executive Council. shall continue as members of the General Assembly for life.

Also Mrs. C. Abirami (Principal) was included in the management of 9 people.

The general council meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks by the Vice-Secretary-President Mr. Rajaiah Siritharan.

Our main mission is to provide monthly allowances to people with special needs. We select the eligible candidates according to the below list.

1) Economically backward persons with special needs who do not receive monthly assistance from the government.

2) For more than one person with special needs in the family receiving government assistance.

3) Those seeking additional assistance due to economic backwardness despite receiving government assistance.

4) Educational/health assistance for students with special needs who are engaged in learning/schooling who are not receiving government assistance/getting assistance.

5) Assistance for any other essential needs as may be mentioned.(Eg:- medical expenses…)

This year (2024) we will give monthly allowance to 25 Grama Sevakars in Valigamam West and some special needs people and special needs students going to school. We will identify and coordinate assistance with the help of village sevaks.

Monthly payment

5000 rupees per month for special need persons through Standing Order through National Savings Bank to Postal Savings Account. It continues this year as well.

Name details of seven persons with special needs receiving monthly assistance

1) Ms. Iratsakan Nivetha(24) (Galuvan, Suzhipuram East) 5000

2) Mr. Erambu Kannadasan (33)

3) Mr Erambu Karidasan (32)

(Ponnalai West, Single Family) 10000

4) Ms. Jagatheeswaran Ghajeepana(20) (Yamalai Order, Suzhipuram East) 5000

5) Selvan Mangaleswaran Dinusant(12)

(Ponnalai West) 5000

6) Selvan Balasubramaniam Sulaksan (19)


7) Ms. Jacindan Bhavanya (15)

(Suzhipuram Sardines) 5000

Details arranged to provide a brave banner

In February 2023, 15 cloth banners were prepared and distributed to the special needs students section of Neerveli Atyar Hindu College. A foreign relation helped by sending 45000 rupees to the college teacher for this work. We express our heartfelt thanks to him. It is noteworthy that our leader went and participated directly on the day the banners were released.

Fixed Deposit

On 12/04/2023 we have placed Rs.twenty lakhs in fixed deposit for one year with monthly interest along with Rs.twelve lakhs previously deposited for 7 months along with the money in the savings account.Earned 7 months interest income of Rs 146299 for earlier deposit of twelve lakh rupees.

Glasses are fitted for teaching sign language

On 23/05/2023 we have fixed 2 mirrors 2.5 feet wide and 4 feet high on the wall for teaching sign language to the special needs students studying in Vattu Hindu College.

Divisional Secretariat Special Needs Officer Mr. Sudarsan made this request.

We express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Vad who has done this work diligently and to Mr. E. Devakumar who has organized it.

It is noteworthy that on 28/05/2023, Secretary Mr. E. Paraneedaran visited the Special Needs Section of Vattu Hindu College.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 03/12/2023

On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated on Sunday 03/12/2023 at Vali. West Divisional Council Hall organized by Pular Foundation.

Valimweg Division Secretary Ms. Kavita Udayakumar, Vattukkottai Divisional Medical Officer Mr. C. Senthuran, Retired British University Lecturer Doctor Mr. T. Ananthamurthy, Doctor Mr. T. Sudharman, National College of Education Retired Lecturer Mr. N. Ravindran Satyamanai Library Founder Mrs. .E.Sathyamalar and Village Sevakars Mr.Rajkhanna, Mr.N.Sivaruban, Mrs.Pradeepa and Mrs.Kanjana Paraneetharan (Physiotherapist, Thellipalai Adhaar Hospital) Our Management Members Vice President Mr.K.Jegajeevagan, Deputy Secretary Mr.E.Siridharan, Lecturer Mr.A. Senthan and Mrs. Abirami were also present.

In the event, Executive Member and Village Sevak Mr. Na. Sivaruban, our consultant retired doctor Mr. T. Ananthamurthy, guest retired lecturer Mr. Ravindran, Medical Officer Mr. C. Senthuran and Divisional Secretary Mrs. Kavita Udayakumar gave special speeches to motivate the people with special needs.

Snacks and tea were served to all who attended the event.

The day’s event featured two dance performances by the students of Ponnalai Chandra Bharata College. We express our sincere gratitude to the teacher Mrs. Sridevi Kannadasan who accepted our request and organized these dance events and to the students who danced.

Besides, a dance was performed by a differently abled student from Sanganai and a song was sung by a differently abled student from Pannagam North AMT.

Continued distribution of nets, blankets and rain covers (for students) purchased with the help of foreign and domestic benevolent donors of Pular Foundation to the differently abled.

Treasurer C. Devakumar’s vote of thanks

The first eye thanks nature,

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Valikamam West Region Secretary Mrs. Kavita Udayakumar, Vattukkottai DMO Dr. Senthuran, our advisor and mentor retired Dr. Anandamoorthy sir, our Vichorriak College senior Dr. Dr. Sudharman and retired lecturer Mr. Ravindran Mrs. Sathyamalar Ravindran.

Also, our sincere thanks to the students of Ponnalai Chandra Bharatakalaalaya who gave a welcome dance in today’s events and to the teacher Mrs. Sridevi Kannadasan who trained them and to the differently abled students who showed their talents here and to the teachers and their parents who trained them.

Also, our sincere thanks to the disabled people who visited here despite various crises and the parents who brought them.

Our sincere thanks to the administration and staff of Valigamam West Pradesh Sabha for donating the hall and furniture free of charge for the third year.

Heartfelt thanks to the administrators for organizing today’s event well and to the relations and friends who supported us.

We are very thankful to Mr. Kenneth Jeevakumar who helped us in purchasing the gift items. Our sincere thanks to Selvan P. Ladusan who helped in recording the video and if anyone else has been missed.

In memory of our friend Amarar Navaratnam Karunthasan (Karan), brother Mr. Navaranjan had given a cash prize of Rs. Our thanks to him.

Our thanks also to Mr. Jayapaskaran (Kili) Anna for donating tea mugs and tea trays free of charge.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks.


We had arranged some other tasks

1) For a sister with special needs from Suzhipuram Madhya who has lost her father, a brother named Babu who lives in London has deposited a total of sixty thousand rupees in the mother’s postal savings account at the rate of ten thousand rupees every two months throughout the year 2023. We express our gratitude to him.

2) A sister from Canada gave a grinder worth 23000 rupees to the mother of a special needs student in Neerveli Athiyar Hindu College to make her livelihood easier. Our thanks go to that sister.

We express our sincere gratitude to the generous donors living abroad and at home who have supported us till date. Our organization continues to grow only because of you, the donors. Our sincere thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Let’s all work together to win the trust of all with joint efforts and protect them for the development of the differently abled.

Thank you and good bye


Mr. Rathnasingham Paraneetharan

Common good without selfishness, Faith without faltering, Good without defects.

Our Youtube channel:-https://youtube.com/channel/UCe-e6CMPuq5ImTr6eT_2_0g

Our Fan Page:- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100073774061430

Our Phone contacts:- 0094777775448

Our Email contacts:- pulartrust@gmail.com

click the link below for the general meeting report please

பொதுக்குழு அறிக்கைக்கு கீழே உள்ள இணைப்பை கிளிக் செய்யவும்




Details of generous donors who donated:-

1) Ms. Mathura Sivakumar (Suzhipuram East. Denmark) 50000.

2) Mr. Durgainathan

(Rajan) Kallaivempati Suzhipuram. Canada) 30000.

3) Mr. T. Roopamanokaran (Suzhipuram East. Canada) 30000.

4) Mrs.C.Gauridevi (Suzhipuram East.uk) 40000.

5) Mrs. Murugavel Rajalakshmi (Suzhipuram Madhi) 10000.

6) Mr. Su Panneerchelvan

Mrs. P. Jayaranjini (Nallur, Jaffna) 10000.

7) Mr. The Kuwait (Tholpuram. uk) 100000.

8) Mr.U.Sivasankaran (Moolai. Canada) 30080.

9)Mr.N.Vikineswaraja (Suzhipuram East. Swiss) 53837.

10) Mr. V. Ilango (Tholpuram. Canada) 32000.

11) Mr.N.Katheesan (Suzhipuram East. Canada) 30000.

12) Mr. Basthiamballai Logan (Jaffna. Canada) 38000.

13) Mrs. Nirmala Gugadasan (Canada) 10000.

Mrs. Anandi Krishnakumar (Canada) 10000.

(Yamalai, Suzhipuram)

14) Mr.C.Sivakaran (Suzhipuram East. Germany) 15000.

15) Mr. B. Kathir (Suzhipuram East. uk) 40100.

16) Mr.C.Indrakumar (Suzhipuram East) 10000.

17) Mr. & Mrs. Sivaranjan Irajeshwari Family (Suzhipuram East) 15000.

18) Mr. K. Palamurugan (Suzhipuram East) 6000.

19) Mr. V. Aravindan (Suzhipuram West) 6000.

20) Mr. Irasalingam Indunessan (Nellian Suzhipuram. Australia) 75281.

21) Mr.C.Thayaparan (Tholpuram, France) 200000.

22) Mr. Karunaraja Family (Suzhipuram East. Denmark) 19850.

23) Mr.A.Iramalingam (Pannagam Suzhipuram) 6000.

24) Dr. T. Sathyamurthy (Operating Jaffna Teaching Hospital) 10000.

25) Mrs. Nirmala Gugadasan (Canada Yamalai, Suzhipuram) 10000.

26) Mrs. Anandi Krishnakumar (Canada Yamalai, Suzhipuram)) 10000.

27) Mrs. Pakyanathan Vanitha Rs.25000 (Suzhipuram East. France)

28) Mr.C.Devakumaran (Suzhipuram East) 6000.

29) An anonymous donor has sent Rs.52782.

30) Diwakar Ananya (Suzhipuram East, Oman) 10000.

31) Mr. Mrs. Jayaranjan Thilakavathy Family (Suzhipuram East) 6000.

32) Mr.T.Vinodharan (Bhatirakali Kovilati, Suzhipuram) 10000.

33) An anonymous donor has sent Rs.10000.

34) Mr. A. Murugavel (Suzhipuram East, Switzerland) 25000. (12/01/2021)

35) Amarar Mathuradevi Thambaiah Periyathambi (Memorial) (Yamalai Suzhipuram) 12000.

36) Family in memory of Amarar Subramaniam Antweerasingham (Suzhipuram East) 30000.

37) Mr. K. Balachander (Suzhipuram East) 6000.


39) Immortal Manickam Nallamma couple and family (Suzhipuram East. Malaysia) 500000.

40) Mr. T. Kamalanathan (Ramesh) Kallawembadi, Suzhipuram (Canada) 32800.

41) Mr. Pa. Kathir Suzhipuram East (uk) 25350.

42) Mrs. Murugaiah Thirivyam Suchipuram East 50000.

43) Amarar Ramanathar Kulaweerasingham Memorial Family (Suzhipuram East) Australia 25000.

45) Mrs. Namalam Bhuvanachandran Canada (Thellipalai) 5000.

46) Mr. 47) Amarar Weerasingham Arumuganathan and his family

UK (Suzhipuram East) 10000.

47) Family in memory of Amarar Weerasingham Arumuganathan

UK (Suzhipuram East) 10000.

48) Mr. Muthulingam Mayurathan(Ramesh) UK (Suzhipuram East) 10000


50) Mr. Durupamanogaran

Canada (Suzhipuram East) 10000.


51) Memorial donation of 20000 by the immortals Krishnar Rajaiah and Rajaiah Nallamma from Suzhipuram East.


52) Mr. Mrs. Balasubramaniam Vijayeswari


(Suzhipuram East)

30000 on the occasion of son’s birthday on 12/08/2022.


53) Donation of 50000 by son in memory of Amarar Ramanathan Udayashankaran (Canada) of Suzhipuram West.


54) Donation 36850 by the family in memory of Amarar Kathiravelu Kanakasabha of Suzhipuram East.


55) Mrs. Ponmati Padmavarathan

Canada (Nelliyan Suzhipuram) 13300.


56) Mr J Vyasan

France (Suzhipuram East) 41500.


57) Mr. C. Devakumaran

Suchipuram East 6000.


58) Mr. Murugavel Anandakumar

Company Chuchipuram 6000.


59) Today 28/12/2022 donation of Rs.25000 on the occasion of the fifth birthday of Selvan Sridhar, the second son of Mr. & Mrs. Yumvel Darshini couple. France (Suzhipuram East)


60) Mr. Mrs. Jayaranjan Thilakavathy Family (Suzhipuram East) 6000.


61) Mr. Mrs. Kathir Nalinaranjani family on the occasion of their daughter’s birthday (Suzhipuram East. UK) 25000 donation.


62) Mr. Kumaraswamy Balamurugan

Suchipuram East 6000.


63) Mrs. Pakyanathan Vanitha Rs.28000

France (Suzhipuram East)


64) Mr. Arunachalam Mukundan Rs.20000

Australia (Suzhipuram East)


65) Ms. Diwakar Abishali Rs.10000 Suzhipuram East


66) In memory of Amarar Ramanathar Kulaweerasingham family Rs.20000. Australia (Suzhipuram East)


67) Anonymous Donor Rs.100000. Australia




France (Kilinochi)


69) Family donate 41000 rupees in memory of Amarar Krishna Navaratnam. UK (Suzhipuram East/Ezhalai)

70) Son (Australia) has donated 50000 rupees in memory of Amarar Marimuthu Rasalingam (Nellian, Suzhipuram).


71) Family donates 40000 rupees in memory of Amarar Kamalambikai Kuganayakapagu UK(Irupalai/Denmark)


72) Mr. Vijayarathnam Arulmugan Saibaba Rs.25000

Germany (Karainagar)


73) Mr. Kumaraswamy

51,884 Rs

(Southern Germany, Germany)


74) Mrs. Murugaya Donation of Rs.50000 in memory of Amarar Chellaya Murugaya.

Chuchipuram East


75) Mr. Murugavel Anandakumar Rs.6000 (Company, Suzhipuram)


76) Mr. Mrs. Jayaranjan Thilakavathy Family Rs.6000 (Suzhipuram East)


77) Family donate 30000 rupees in memory of Amarar Arumugam Velayutham

Tolpuram West


78) Donation of 10000 Rupees on 43rd Birthday of Amarar Navaratnam Karunadasan {Karan} 17th Anniversary.

Brother N. Navaranjan (Suzhipuram East) Denmark


79) VSK Atatta Gananathan Vasuki Family 50000 Rs

Canada (Suzhipuram East)


80) Mr. Varadarasa Aravindan

15000 rupees

Canada (Suzhipuram West)


81) Mr. Subbiah Selvaraja


(Suzhipuram East)

They donated 100002 rupees to his wife Amarar Selvaraja Irajeshwari (Kanmani) on her birthday on 03/12/2023.


82) Mr. Mrs. Sivanesan Kalanayaki family donated 40000 rupees

UK (Pannagam, Suzhipuram)


83) Mr. Nagalingam Nisanthan donated 25000 rupees


(Suzhipuram West)



84) Mr. Antweerasingham Muralitharan

London (Suzhipuram East)

Donation of Rs.60000 on the occasion of Father Amarar Subramaniam Antweerasingham (Retired Irrigation Engineer) Seventh Anniversary (29/11/2023).


85) In memory of Mrs. Mathura Sivakumar (first year student of law) 7th year by father Mr. Rajaiah Sivakumar

Denmark (Suzhipuram East) Donation of Rs.25000.


86) Mr. Kanthaya Sivarasa Family France (Suzhipuram East)

32000 as a donation of Rs.

87) Mr. Nagarasa Vikineswararaja Swiss (Suzhipuram East) Donation of Rs.30000

88) Mr Sivapadam Sivanandam Norway (Snowfield)

61490 as a donation of Rs

89) Mr Sivaranjan Devakumaran Suzhipuram East

6000 donation of Rs

90) Her son has donated 66270 rupees in memory of Amarar Kamalavathi Balachandran Ammaiyar of Ezhalai.

91) Son U Sivasankaran has donated 30000 rupees in memory of Amarar Ramanathan Udayasankaran (Canada) from Moolai Suzhipuram.

92) Mrs. Vasanthi Selvaratnam (Melbourne, Australia) has donated 30,000 rupees on the occasion of her death anniversary (13/01/2024 Saturday, Taimat) of Amarar Navaratnam Selvaratnam of Nallur Jaffna.

93) Mr Velayutham Disanthan UK (Tholpuram West) has donated 25000 rupees on his mother’s 75th birthday (16/12/2023).

94) Son Mr C Sivakumar family (Paris, France) donated 30000 rupees in memory of Amarar Madhavar Sivasubramaniam of Suzhipuram East.



Name details of seven persons with special needs receiving monthly assistance


Ms. Iratsakan Nivetha (24) (Galuvan, Suzhipuram East) 5000


Mr. Erambu Kannadasan (33)

Mr Erambu Karidasan (32)

(Ponnalai West, Single Family) 10000


Ms. Jagatheeswaran Ghajeepana(20) (Yamalai Order, Suzhipuram East) 5000


Selvan Mangaleswaran Dinusant(12)

(Ponnalai West) 5000


Selvan Balasubramaniam Sulaksan (19)



Ms. Jacindan Bhavanya (15)

(Suzhipuram Sardines) 5000



Heartfelt thanks on behalf of our management to all the 94 generous donors who have supported us till date.


For those who want to help and contact



  1. Palamurugan +94773145655



  1. Paraneetharan +94777162685



  1. Devakumaran +94779591047


100000 has been recovered from the bank to meet the expenditure on PWD Day events on 30/11/2023.

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